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Featured Sites

  • 3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

    The printed circuit board (PCB) industry is crucial to domestic electronics. Seeing that 70% of the human resource demand for the PCB industry and SMT intelligent       manufacturing is concentrated in the north, the school received the Ministry of Education’s “Industrial Elite Training Demonstration Center” program grant. It established a 3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Factory. The site, officially inaugurated in October 2018, is the only 3D digital PCB and SMT intelligent manufacturing production line modeling factory in Taiwan.

    The “PCB-SMT” production line built by the 3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line Factory featured an advanced “Photo-mask-less laser direct engraving PCB” process and intelligent SMT (Surface-mount technology). The production line equipment is the cutting edge ones used in the industry, allowing schools to produce products on a small scale. In the past, when vocational college students interned in factories, they often only learned the operation and process on separate machines. Now they can complete one-stop internships on the production line in an environment similar to factories, accumulate experience, and seamlessly integrate their expertise into the workplace after graduation.

    The university has joined four corporates, including Industrial Research Institute, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association, and Taiwan Embedded Microcontroller Development Institute, and maintains a partnership with 11 universities. Moreover, the university has joined forces with many enterprises to cofound the "3D Digital Circuit Board Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Integration and Application Teaching Strategy Alliance.” Those enterprises include ASE, Keysight Taiwan, Nexcom Computer, Career Group, Taiwan Speed Wireless Technology, Mega Bang Electronic, Yusong International, Taiyu International, etc. Combined with senior professionals, universities, and industry, the university has devoted itself to cultivating industry key workforce for circuit board layout and advanced process integration technology.

    "3D digital circuit board design and smart manufacturing production line factory" was established and unveiled and the attendees took a group photo

    The 3D digital circuit board design and smart manufacturing production line factory is in sync with the industry and can carry out micro-mass production (student operation screen).
  • 5G Mobile Communication Module Testing and Adjusting Service Training Center

    In November 2020, the school received a grant from the Ministry of Education for optimizing the realistic environment of technical vocational schools. In November 2020, the university established the (5G) Mobile Communication Module Testing and Adjusting Service Training Center. Premier Su Tseng-chang of Executive Yuan, Minister Pan Wen-Zhong of the Ministry of Education, Minister Xu Ming-Chun of the Ministry of Labor, and Mayor Zheng Wen-Tsan of Taoyuan City were among the guests to unveil the venue jointly. The characteristics of the industrial environment factory feature a complete system based on the current industrial situation. Students can complete internships on campus to solve the problem of learning and application gaps and combine the school's research and development energy to provide industrial technical services.

    The production line features of the (5G) Mobile Communication Module Testing and Adjusting Service Training 63 Center cover a mobile communication module tuning laboratory, mobile communication product engineering verifying laboratory, and EMC/EMI product design verification laboratory. The course planning is mainly focused on designing, packaging, and testing 5G millimeter wave RF front-end antenna module technology, supplemented by “Communication Circuits and Antennas" courses. It trains students' practical operation ability and cultivates students to have the communication module detection and adjustment ability urgently needed in the 5G industry chain. Thus, they can meet the needs of related industries in the 5G era to become .

    Group photo of the unveiling of the 3D digital PCB and SMT smart manufacturing production line demonstration factory

    3D field students practice machine operation in the factory
  • High-end Processing Technology and Intelligent Machinery Production Line Laboratory

    Since 2018, Ministry of Education(MOE) and industries continuously supported Lunghwa University to set up the "Advanced Precision Machining Technology and Smart Machinery Production Field” and to replace old machine tools for the promotion of multi-axis precision technology, 3D Printing technology, robot processing and AI application in smart machinery production lines, and robot engineer certification.

    The content of the field includes Smart manufacturing field, Robotics Machining Field, and Robotics Practice Training Field. The goal is to cultivate the precision processing talents required by the metal industry, and to cooperate with domestic and foreign industries in technology. At the same time, the precision multi-axis machining and robot application technology are used to the medical machinery, electric vehicle parts, and extended to cultural and creative products, with high added value.

    The teacher teaches the students about the implementation of the robot engineer's explanation screen
  • Asia Silicon Valley Connection: Cross-field Intelligent Internet of Things Innovation Implementation Classroom

    In 2018, the school was awarded the Ministry of Education's plan to optimize the practical environment of technical vocational colleges to subsidize the construction of a “Cross-field Intelligent Internet of Things Innovation Implementation Classroom.” Lunghwa is the first school in Taiwan to use industrial-grade AIoT equipment to cooperate with the industry in teaching, to cultivate Internet of Things (IoT) talents and set up an intern factory and teaching venue that meets the needs demand of the industry and student internships, and cultivate cross-field and practical, innovative talents in the intelligent Internet of Things industry.

    The first to be launched is the “Artificial Intelligence/IoT/Edge Computing Joint Lab,” which is an integral part of the plan to build an inter-department suitable venue. With the Lunghwa University of Science and Technology Internet of Things professional teaching team, each teacher has hardware, software, communication, APP, programming, and other specialties. They guide students step by step to learn from doing and lead students to participate in international competitions to accumulate experience. The lab is the best educational venue connecting school learning and industry demands.

    The "Joint Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence/IoT/Edge Computing" offers courses, covering the underlying layer (hardware layer) of the Internet of Things, transport layer (communication), application layer (innovative service application) to the public cloud, private cloud, smartphone (device). Integrating the application of the Internet of Things and traditional industries to innovation and entrepreneurship services is expected to accelerate the cultivation of cross-field talents required for domestic and foreign innovative industrial technology and insightful construction

    Live scenes of courses offered by the Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things/Edge Computing Joint Laboratory

  • Power Semiconductor Module Packaging and Testing Factory

    The university has devoted itself to cultivating technicians in semiconductor midstream and downstream sectors, including materials, processes, packaging, testing, and equipment, to meet the needs of semiconductor-related industries. The university has established a “Power Semiconductor Module Packaging and Testing Factory” and a “Semiconductor Components Process Center” to set up a complete packaging production line for the packaging of TVS diode SOD123 and SMA components for automotive electronics. The “Semiconductor Components Process Center” mainly focuses on training professionals and students in the semiconductor midstream manufacturing processes, including “oxidation,” “photolithography,” “etching,” “diffusion,” “metallization,” “point measurement,” “die dicing” and other practical processes of the semiconductor production process. The goal is also to incorporate the government’s and industry-academia R&D plans, strengthen the connection with manufacturers, and train students to be familiar with the basic materials and midstream and downstream processes required for semiconductor production. Through these, the training will strengthen students’ professional skills and provide advanced technology courses and practical content to cultivate relevant talents and meet the needs of the industry

    Semiconductor machine student operation screen

  • High-Speed Electronic Transmission Interface Packaging Design and Testing Talent Training and Technology Center

    In response to the high-speed transmission processing requirements for colossal data volume in the 5G era, various transmission interface technologies are also evolving toward higher performance specifications. Thus industry-related technicians are in high demand. Approved by the Ministry of Education, the university received a subsidy of NT$ 100 million for developing a “High-Speed Electronic Transmission Interface Packaging Design and Testing Talent Training and Technology Center” in 2022.
    Two existing “industrial elite training and demonstration” bases have laid the foundation for the development of “High-Speed Electronic Transmission Interface Packaging Design and Testing Talent Training and Technology Center,” including a “3D-Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line Factory” and a “(5G) Mobile Communication Module Testing and Tuning Industrial Environment Factory.” Both factories have established practical technology and R&D capacities to design and test high-speed transmission interface electronic packaging, set up electronic assembly layouts, designs, testing research and development, verification, and other related laboratories. Academic programs and partner-school seed teacher training supplement the factories and labs. Together they have formed a technical guidance team to assist in industrial upgrading and to cultivate students’ professional ability to fully dock with the development of the national electronics industry and become practical technicians of Taiwan’s electronics industry.

    The inauguration and unveiling ceremony took place on November 16, 2023. Vice President Lai Ching-te, Deputy Minister of Education Liu Meng-chi, Legislator Cheng Yun-peng, Acting Representative Sunh Arunrugstichai from the Thai Trade and Economic Office in Taipei, and Deputy Representative Bà Ngô Phương Thảo from the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, among other representatives from the government, academia, and industry, jointly unveiled the plaque for the field. It is hoped that through the existing five operational bases and sites in the school, with concerted efforts, students will meet the needs of the industry, aiming to become the best university in Asia for practical talent cultivation in the field of electronic industry.

    Vice President Lai attended the unveiling ceremony of the High Speed ​​Transmission Talent Training Base and took a group photo